Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk region

Address: B.Yeltsina str. 3 , office 517, Ekaterinburg, 620014

Phone: +7 (343) 311-52-80


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Investment Promotion Agency of Sverdlovsk region has signed cooperation agreements with the Urals leading universities aimed at:

  • Providing information, consulting and expert support to investors implementing investment projects in Sverdlovsk region;
  • Carrying out research work relating to the problems topical for the branches of Sverdlovsk region’s economy;
  • Informing investors about the availability and conditions of educational programs for professional training, retraining and advanced training;
  • The Agency assistance in organizing student internships on the basis of separate agreements.

/upload/iblock/e46/a724ezo1yg3x2eq3wy2h06r3wy0nhkxh.png Ural State Forest Engineering University (USFEU).

The university is famous for its high quality training. It trains bachelors, masters and specialists in a wide range of technical, economic and social areas for enterprises, organizations and institutions of forest product industries, environmental protection, rational use of natural resources, automobile and road building industries.

The students of Ural State Forest Engineering University have a unique opportunity to get education or internship at foreign universities and enterprises. USFEU closely cooperates with universities in China, France, Czech Republic, Finland, and Kazakhstan.


Popular Departments:

  • Institute of Engineering and Technology (ITI)
  • Institute of Chemical Technology (KhTI)
  • Institute of Forestry and Nature Management (ILP)
  • Institute of Socio-Economic Studies (SEI)
  • Institute of Distance Learning (IZO)
  • Institute of Continuing Education (IDE)
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/upload/iblock/f7a/x5gamuuoumn1q08rfko39hcjv59x2wtf.png Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin.

Ural Federal University is one of the global leaders in education as well as in scientific research work and innovative development.

The university mission is to increase the international competitiveness of the Ural Region, to ensure reindustrialization, unlocking full human, scientific and technical potential, and to provide backup support for balanced renewal of traditional branches, and development of post-industrial sectors of the Russian economy, primarily in the Ural Federal District.

The strategic goal of the university is to be at the forefront of scientific, educational and innovative development in the Ural Federal District, This will ensure the university leadership in the field of natural, social and technical sciences, as well as its entry into the list of the world-renowned educational and intellectual centers.

Popular Departments:

  • Military Training Center
  • Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Institute of New Materials and Technologies
  • Institute of Radio Electronics and Information Technologies - RTF
  • Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Institute of Open Educational Technologies
  • Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Policy
  • Institute of Fundamental Education
  • Institute of Economics and Management
  • Specialized Educational and Scientific Center
  • Ural Institute of Humanities
  • Ural Power Engineering Institute
  • Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Centers for Continuing Professional Education
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/upload/iblock/592/fi3nxg947nj34khmhdaai8g3w037b2qt.png Ural State University of Economics

Ural State University of Economics is a university that trains the economic elite not only for the Ural Region, but for Russia and the CIS countries as well. More than 14,500 students study at the university, and their number is constantly growing. The university has trained over 169,000 professionals for various sectors of the national economy, including representatives of business elite and government bodies.

Popular Departments:

  • Institute of Management and Information Technology
  • Institute of Trade, Food Technology and Service
  • Institute of Finance and Law
  • Institute of Economics
  • Institute of Magistracy
  • Institute of Continuous and Distance Education
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/upload/iblock/a6b/wghus4m4u9jlkm180shim75653fhm9jm.png Ural State Medical University

Ural State Medical University is a recognized center of medical science, the achievements of which have an impact on the modern innovative development of the whole Region. The university trains more than 7 thousand students, interns, residents, postgraduates and listeners studying at 58 departments in 8 faculties. It has 40 clinical bases in the best hospitals and medical research institutes. The university actively collaborates with the regional bodies and institutions of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor), and pharmacies of the city and region. It has its own dental clinic equipped with the most high-tech equipment.

Sverdlovsk region is proud of its health care system, which utilizes cutting-edge and high-tech methods of diagnostics and treatment, which have been developed and improved with the participation of the university scientists: minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgeries, brachytherapy, neonatal intensive care units for extremely premature babies, a wide range of molecular genetic techniques, nanotechnology in dentistry and pharmacy, etc.

Popular Departments:

  • Treatment-and-Prophylactic Faculty
  • Faculty of Preventive Medicine
  • Multidisciplinary Accreditation and Simulation Center
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Highly Qualified Personnel Training
  • Faculty of Advanced Training and Professional Retraining
  • Faculty of Higher Nursing Training, Psychology and Social Work
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
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/upload/iblock/ad0/qz5yvo7zi3af0lg3zqh8geoy47xq2ah7.png Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science, the Institute of Economics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Economics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the largest regional scientific center. The main areas of research are: social and state policy in the regional labor markets, economics and legal regulation in the field of environmental management, economic security of Russia, integration of Russia into global and regional socio-economic processes, financial, monetary and pricing policies.

Popular Departments:

  • Regional Competitiveness Department
  • Department of Regional Industrial Policy and Economic Security
  • Department for Forecasting the Location of Productive Forces and Spatial Development of the Economy
  • Department of Research of Regional Socio-Economic Systems
  • Laboratory for Modeling the Spatial Development of Territories
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/upload/iblock/f07/rrdssjbdc6cxzhhb9ehzqq5itnux7de1.png FSBEI HE Ural State Mining University

The mining industry is associated with the real sector of economy and is one of the basic branches in the Urals. USMU is one of two full-profile Russian mining universities, which offer training programs covering the entire technological chain from geological exploration to metallurgical processing.

The practice-oriented nature of education is a distinctive feature of the university. The miners get acquainted with the cutting-edge equipment and the latest innovative technologies, determine the strategic tasks essential for production, and work on solving different problems.

Popular Departments:

  • Mining and Technology Faculty
  • Mining and Mechanical Faculty
  • Faculty of Geology and Geophysics
  • Faculty of Urban Economy
  • Engineering and Economics Faculty
  • Faculty of Distance Learning
  • Institute of Continuing Professional Education
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/upload/iblock/fa1/73903osf114zvxmxeaxxerlgv8mvzqwb.png Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Ural State Agrarian University

The Ural State Agrarian University is a multidisciplinary higher educational institution that trains personnel for almost all sectors of the agro-industrial complex. Within the framework of continuous professional education, the university offers programs for secondary vocational, postgraduate and additional education in full-time, part-time and part-time forms.

The university pays special attention to advanced training and professional retraining in Sverdlovsk region. Annual training courses are provided for agronomists, livestock specialists, veterinarians, veterinary and sanitary inspectors, dog handlers, engineers, technologists, land surveyors, landscape designers, economists, accountants, managers, and representatives of many other professions.

Popular Departments:

  • Faculty of Agrotechnology and Land Management
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Expertise
  • Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering
  • Institute of Economics, Finance and Management
  • Faculty of Engineering Technology
  • Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education
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