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Support measures

Financial backing, tax incentives, property support ,informational assistance and consultations – all this is a wide range of the state support measures available for the investors in the Sverdlovsk region

Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk Region is ready to evaluate an investment project, to select the support measures and render assistance in the paperwork

Support measures in the Sverdlovsk region

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Options of the measures rendered
Register for small and medium-sized business entities

Is your company included into the Register for small and medium-sized business entities 

Foreign capital

Share of foreign capital in the authorized capital stock 

Registration of the business is performed (or is scheduled) on the territory of the Sverdlovsk region
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Step by step instruction to obtain support measures


Applications relating to the investment activities in the Sverdlovsk region shall be sent via the Investment portal of the Sverdlovsk region «Application for obtaining state support»


Application registration (the day it was sent)


Appointment of the person in charge (not later than the day following the registration date), entering data into CRM


Giving a reply

If solution of the issue is in the competences of the Agency – the reply is given within 10 working days from the day following the registration date

If any additional outside information or meetings are required – the period of the issue consideration may be extended, however, not more than 10 working days with the investor notification.

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