Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk region

Address: B.Yeltsina str. 3 , office 517, Ekaterinburg, 620014

Phone: +7 (343) 311-52-80


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The Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk region is a specialized organization for investment attraction and investor relations created by the Government of the Sverdlovsk region in 2019.

If your company has decided to implement the investment project or is in the process of its implementation, we are ready to offer the best support measures for the project, to explain in great detail the formal procedures, to provide the end-to-end servicing of the project.

If your company has not yet decided what project and where is to be implemented, we will share with you the needed contacts and helpful insights: make available analytical information on the business opportunities in the Sverdlovsk region, pick up a land plot or real estate object, render assistance in establishing contacts with local companies.

We offer a single window approach at every stage of execution of the investment project, our services are free of charge and fully confidential. At the moment we render support to 46 projects with total investment volume over RUB 40 bln.

Address: B.Yeltsina str. 3 , office 517, Ekaterinburg, 620014
Phone: +7 (343) 311-52-80

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Investor support scheme


Obtain information by phone, via mail, via Investment portal of the Sverdlovsk region or by personal visit

Execution period: one working day

Registration in the CRM system Assignment of the manager


Diagnostics of the appeal

Execution period: 3 working days

Reworking Consulting
Forwarding of the information to the applicant


Expertise of the investment project

Execution period: 10 working days from the moment of receipt of the appeal

Expertise. The manager may ask for additional information concerning the investment project and use the services of experts.


Signing of the agreement on rendering support on the investment project, approval of the action plan.


Forwarding of the agreement and plan to the investor

Execution period: 10 working days


Execution of the action plan with regard to the project support

Possible risks of failure to reach the purpose of the investment project. Consideration of the issue at the sitting of the governmental commission Updating of the plan

Completion of the investment project support

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