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Wood industry

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The Sverdlovsk region shows prospects for investments into the wood industry
  • There 31 forestries in the region
  • Total timber reserves -2 billion m3
  • Total forest area -16 million hectares
  • There are 1.8 thousand enterprises of the wood industry in the Sverdlovsk region

Areas for investments in the wood industry: charcoal production, manufacture of packaging, production of fuel pellets, log construction, making of steam baths, small architectural forms.

The Region supports the wood industry projects, among them, grants a 50% discount on rental payments for forest plots or gives in rent forest plots without an auction.

The Ural State Forest Engineering University is annually training about 1000 specialists in the following specialties: forestry, technology of logging and wood processing industries, land management and cadastres, ecology and nature management, etc.

LESPROM-URAL PROFESSIONAL, the largest event for the professionals of the wood industry in the Ural –Siberian region , the purpose of which is to promote development of the timber industry, is held in the Sverdlovsk region on an annual basis.