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The Big Open Dialogue Forum became a platform for developing effective solutions for the benefit of business

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The Big Open Dialogue Forum became a platform for developing effective solutions for the benefit of business
The 5th investment forum "Big Open Dialogue" gathered about 900 participants in Ekaterinburg. According to Alexey Shmykov, First Deputy Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, the proposals voiced at the forum open up new opportunities for business development in the region.

"Today we are discussing topical issues with business. Topics that can form the basis of positive changes, have taken to work - under the control of the government. We also discussed the new national projects "Personnel" and "Youth of Russia" announced the day before by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. We noted that we are going the right way - from the beginning of the academic year in 2023, on the instructions of Governor Evgeny Kuivashev, we are focusing on secondary vocational education and strengthening the connection of educational institutions with large and medium-sized businesses to train professional staff", - said Alexei Shmykov.

Pavel Titov, President of the All-Russian Public Organization "Business Russia", called the Sverdlovsk region a benchmark in building a dialogue between business and government.

"Everything is constructive, friendly. We have the same tasks - socio-economic ones. And recently we have reformatted our interaction to meet the new challenges we face. Now we have not just dialogue, but prompt joint actions. The speed of organising sites for rapid operational investments in production is a necessity. And here our main partner is the region," said Pavel Titov.

Eduard Omarov, the first vice-president of Opora Russia, an all-Russian public organisation of small and medium-sized businesses, advised Sverdlovsk businesses to pay attention to technological ideas.

"Russia's economy is on the rise. We have colossal points of growth. Technological ideas that we didn't notice before are starting to work today. It seems to me that in the near future we will see breakthrough technolgogical enterprises. Every year we will see at least a hundred new enterprises that will compete with Gates and Musk," said Eduard Omarov.

Ildar Shaikhutdinov, Director General of the Institute of Financial Business Development, noted that R&D will help to ensure the region's technological sovereignty and take leading economic positions.

  "If technologies that are already in use, as well as those that are being developed and implemented, are made an economic asset, then GRP will grow, investments in fixed capital will increase by 20%, enterprises will be able to reduce their loan rates, raise financing, issue bonds and use all of this to build new factories and plants. I believe that the Sverdlovsk Region will soon become not only an industrial but also an economic leader of our country," said Ildar Shaikhutdinov.  

According to Andrei Besedin, president of the Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a breakthrough for business will be the cancellation of part of the debts that the regions have accumulated to the federal budget, initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The money will remain in the region's economy, and this will create an infrastructure that will enable a quick breakthrough for business, which will again generate taxes," Andrei Besedin said.

Within the framework of the "Big Open Dialogue" there were sessions: "Digital" to help: how the process of access to land plots and support measures is simplified", "Investment infrastructure: development prospects", "Transformation of business from SME+ to large business", "Tools of "smart control" and others.

Also during the work of the public reception business representatives at the forum were able to directly ask questions to the heads of ministries, development institutions, resource supplying organisations.

Photo: Boris Yarkov