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The Sverdlovsk Region's stand awaits guests at the Russia exhibition

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The Sverdlovsk Region's stand awaits guests at the Russia exhibition
The Russia International Exhibition and Forum opened in Moscow, where all regions of the country present their achievements and landmark projects.

The Sverdlovsk Region is also taking part in the exhibition. The region's stand is made in the form of an interactive Demidov factory and tells about the development of the Urals through the prism of industry - from the first factories to modern and future scientific and technical achievements. 

The stand conveys the modern state of the Demidov plant: it is ancient, but at the same time it is saturated with multimedia technologies. For example, a screen with a huge panorama showing various milestones in the history of the city and the achievements of the Urals.

One of the elements of the stand was the location "Blast Furnace Reaper". Here, thanks to modern technologies, guests of the stand will be able to feel the heat and smell molten metal. The exposition will also introduce the region's leading industrial enterprises, promising healthcare projects and plans to make the Sverdlovsk region the country's main dry port. A solar power plant in the village of Arti, Lastochka electric trains, Iset and Vysotsky skyscrapers, the Aquatics Palace - the most complete information about the region will be placed on an area of 105 square meters in Pavilion 75.

"The Russia exhibition is the key exhibition event in the modern history of our country. Undoubtedly, each region is eager to show the achievements it has and the prospect - where it will develop. For us, the exhibition is an opportunity to attract investors and tourists to the region. Demonstrate our opportunities for future students. Everyone will be interested in the Sverdlovsk Region's stand: kids, young people, investors, foreign guests. I invite everyone to visit the Russia exhibition," said Dmitry Ionin, Deputy Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region.

On November 25, the exhibition will host the Day of the Region, when the Sverdlovsk Region will be in the spotlight and will tell about itself. A cultural program in the Ural style awaits the guests. You can follow the events at the Sverdlovsk stand:

on a special page in VKontakte

The exhibition "Russia" is held at VDNKh and will run until April 12, 2024.