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The Sverdlovsk region shows prospects for investments into the agricultural sector
  • 27.5 thousand people are working in the branch
  • RUB 583.3 bln. – volume of foodstuffs sale on the territory of the Region
  • 2.4% -share in GRP

Agricultural producers of the Region specialize mainly in production of milk, meat, eggs, potatoes, vegetables and feed grains. As of 2020 production of potatoes attributes to more than 105% of the actual internal consumption, of eggs - 102%, of milk and dairy products - about 70%, of meat - almost 58%, of vegetables - about 44%. In 2020, the agricultural enterprises earned a net profit of about RUB 4 bln.

A unique genomic selection center for poultry breeding operates in the Sverdlovsk region, created jointly with the company “ISA Hendrix Genetics”, one of the world leaders in this area. In the field of cattle breeding the Region has a whole network of the pedigree and selection companies, thus fully covering the demand in the young animals. Currently, creation of the selection and seed production center “Uralsky Katrofel” is in progress, since potato is the type of product which is significant for the regional infrastructure

Among the promising areas for investment one can name the following: creation of facilities for storing and processing of the harvested vegetables, production of bioadditives (vitamins) based on the pine needles for the compound feed, production of chicken eggs to be used for production of vaccines.

There are more than 20 institutions in the Region which are engaged in training of the specialists in the area of agriculture , particularly, 3 training facilities of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2 institutions of higher education and 16 institutions of specialized secondary education.