Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk region

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Production of all types of packaging

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The Sverdlovsk Region is a region with a developed infrastructure and the possibility of profitable implementation of new projects for the production of packaging.

The region has high volumes of food production.

  • 500 manufacturing enterprises
  • $ 105.8 million export volume of food and agricultural goods

Among the promising industries for investment are the following industries: flexible and rigid polymer packaging, wax, paper, film packaging for food products, shrink film packaging, thermomechanical pulp, paper consumer packaging, closed bags made of polypropylene fiber, glued paper multilayer valve bags, soft containers : big bags.

Among the advantages of localizing production on the territory of the region: the presence of a circle of potential consumers, the provision of production processes with competent specialists, a decrease in transportation costs during transportation to the end consumer, the availability of raw materials, and a reduction in the time for launching new projects.

Industrial parks and special territories of the Sverdlovsk region are the right choice for the location of new production of packaging materials.