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Production of equipment for food industry

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The Sverdlovsk Region is a site for the production of equipment for food production.

The volume of shipped goods of own production by enterprises producing food products and beverages in 2020 amounted to 140 billion rubles. (growth by 2019 is 104%).

Promising niches are: 

  • production of small-sized equipment for small businesses and farms;
  • production of equipment for oxygen-free food technologies;
  • production of industrial technological equipment based on mechatronics controlled by a processor according to a given program - without human intervention; 
  • production of equipment with minimized energy consumption costs, for spare parts and other material costs.

The region offers ample opportunities for cooperation:

  • RUB 160.9 billion production volume of finished metal products
  • 5989 thousand tons production of finished rolled products (9.8% of all-Russian production)
  • 2,564 thousand tons pipe production (20.7% of the total Russian production)

Among the advantages of localization, one can note a large number of investment projects to modernize and expand production in the field of agriculture (mechanization and robotization of production lines in the food industry and individual processes), a trend towards import substitution, a large number of large machine-building enterprises engaged in the development of equipment and integrated solutions.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, the Ural State Agrarian University, the Ural State Economic University prepare graduates in the relevant specialties.