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Production of equipment in the field of industrial ecology

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The Sverdlovsk Region is a member of the national project "Ecology".

  • According to the national project "Ecology", by 2024 the share of processed waste in Russia should increase from 12% to 60%, and recyclable waste - from 7% to 38%.
  • 40% of industrial products of the Ural Federal District are produced in the Sverdlovsk Region
  • 1.4 billion rubles amount of financing for environmental projects in the Sverdlovsk region 2019-2021

The environmental program of the region includes: construction of treatment facilities, modernization of production facilities in order to prevent natural discharges and emergencies fraught with atmospheric pollution, elimination of sources of pollution of the hydrosphere, purification of reservoirs, liquidation of water shortages, improvement of storage conditions for household and industrial waste and toxic waste, construction of waste processing production, creation of a regime for constant monitoring of hazardous industries, development of a system of penalties for damage to the environment, stimulation of the development of production of environmentally friendly products, the introduction of safe technologies.

The Sverdlovsk Region offers opportunities for cooperation in the acquisition of tanks, pipes, reagents, compressor equipment and industrial ventilation units.

Industrial parks and special territories of the Sverdlovsk region are the best choice for the localization of new industrial enterprises.