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Production of medical equipment and materials

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The main priority for the development of medicine in the Sverdlovsk region until 2035 is the creation of new and expansion of existing industries, ensuring the production of import-substituting and innovative products.

  • 6.5 billion rubles annual output of medical products
  • 2nd place in Russia in terms of the volume of high-tech medical care
  • $ 42 million direct import of medical equipment to the Sverdlovsk region

Main production volumes: ventilators and incubation equipment for neonatal rehabilitation. 90% of the total Russian production is made up of incubators for newborns.

Among the investment niches in the production of medical products, analysts identify as the most profitable: equipment with a high degree of visualization (tomographs, ultrasound and angiographic equipment), patient monitoring systems, surgical and operating equipment, air sterilizers, external fixation devices, complex diagnostic and laboratory reagents , containers for selection, storage and transportation of biomaterials, as well as the production of adhesive dressings.

In the Sverdlovsk Region, the Ural Scientific and Educational Consortium of Biomedicine, Pharmacy and Medical Engineering was created, which united specialized regional universities, institutes of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading medical clinics, associations of medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers of the Sverdlovsk Region.