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Chemical industry

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The Sverdlovsk region is among the TOP-10 regions of the Russian Federation in terms of export of the chemical products.
  • The export volume of the chemical products is $ 1.1 billion
  • The growth in exports of the chemical products is 7 %
  • 596 manufacturers of the technical rubber goods and plastic materials
  • 377 companies produce chemical substances and products
  • 34 companies produce medicinal products

Chemical industry enterprises of the region allow to join the existing raw materials and technological chains.

Main directions of development of the chemical complex are production of varnish and paints, heat-resistant pigments, of the large volume chemicals, of methanol, of the low-tonnage chemical items (sorbents, additives to polymeric materials), of the high tenacity textile, polyamide fibers, threads and nets.

Every year chemical enterprises invest about two billion rubles in their development.

Industrial parks and special economic zones of the Sverdlovsk region are the right choice for accommodation of the industrial production facilities of the chemical sector, among then one can name the special-purpose industrial park “Chem.park “Tagil” , industrial park “Malakhitovaya Shkatulka” , special economic zone “Titanium Valley” , ASEZ “Novouralsk”, and the “AMK- UEIP” - one of the biggest enterprises in the world for uranium enrichment.

The Ural Federal University named after B.N. Yeltsin and the Ural State Forest Engineering University are engaged in training of the students in the specialty “Chemical technology”. There are field-oriented scientific research intuitions in the Region such as Institute for Solid State Chemistry, Institute of High-temperature Electrochemistry of the Ural Branch of RAS and Sverdlovsk Scientific and Research Institute of Chemical Machine-building.


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