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35 companies will represent the Sverdlovsk Region at the INNOPROM exhibition

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35 companies will represent the Sverdlovsk Region at the INNOPROM exhibition
The full list of Sverdlovsk companies that will represent the region at the regional stand during INNOPROM-2023 has become known. The international industrial exhibition will be held in Ekaterinburg from 10 to 13 July.

INNOPROM is the largest industrial exhibition platform in Russia. It will be held for the fourteenth time, about 50 thousand guests are expected. This year the theme of the exhibition is "Sustainable Production: Renewal Strategies".

"The selection of enterprises for the collective stand of the Sverdlovsk region is an important milestone in the region's preparation for participation in the INNOPROM International Industrial Exhibition. This year, the regional government has decided to significantly increase the number of exhibitors who will demonstrate products at the stand free of charge. The region will be represented by companies from such industries as transport engineering, metalworking, energy, instrumentation, as well as industrial digitalisation and IT," said Mikhail Vasiliev, General Director of the Sverdlovsk Region Investment Attraction Agency, which was responsible for collecting applications from companies.

35 companies will present their products at the official stand of the region.

The first twenty were determined by the regional interdepartmental commission. The pool includes: 

  1. iRidi - a Ural IT company, a manufacturer of control systems for smart homes and enterprises. 
  2. "Asta" - a manufacturer of electrical equipment, charging stations for electric cars.
  3. Promelectronics Research and Production Centre - a company developing microprocessor-based railway automation and telemechanics systems.
  4. "PLM Ural" is an IT company that helps automate production with its design systems.  
  5. "DeltaPolymer" is a manufacturer of products and equipment from various types of plastic and composite materials: carbon fibre-reinforced plastic and glass fibre-reinforced plastic.
  6. Trade House "Industrial Floors" - manufacturer of industrial coatings and professional Linolit equipment for concrete surfaces.
  7. "IN Plast Polymer" - manufacturer of polymer pipes for drinking water supply, gas distribution.
  8. "GidroNT is a company producing hydraulic equipment. 
  9. "UralKhimExport" - specialises in repair and waterproofing of roofs by seamless spraying with polyurethane foam, laying Elastone road coating.
  10. Ultra Si Mining and Chemical Company - producer of chemical compounds based on magnesium and silicon, which are used in metallurgy, construction, and cosmetology.
  11. "Neopark" - manufacturer of mechanised and robotic car parks. 
  12. "Laboratory of the Future" is a company-creator of robotic equipment for diagnostics and maintenance of live power lines. 
  13. "Yesil Power Systems is a plant producing high-tech DC and AC power systems for telecoms, oil and gas, and energy industries.
  14. "Ingetech is a company that designs and manufactures tooling for foundries and other industries.
  15. ReinnolC is a developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency heat exchange equipment, solutions for water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment.
  16. Engineering Centre for Digital Machine Building Technologies is an innovation and implementation centre of UrFU specialising in complex engineering and digital modelling.
  17. "Hermes-Ural" - production of tank equipment, hot water boilers and bottoms.
  18. "Nedremtushchee oko" - creators of the world's first "Vinomat" - a wine vending machine. 
  19. "Elemi" - brand of guaranteed power supply and monitoring systems for IT, automated control systems for industry.
  20. "UralTermoSvar" - a welding equipment plant.

Ekaterinburg administration gave ten more companies the opportunity to represent the region at the stand: 

  1. M. I. Kalinin Machine Building Plant, Ekaterinburg.
  2. Sverdlovsk Railway.
  3. Research and Production Complex "VIP", which produces industrial pressure sensors, control and monitoring systems.
  4. "Intell Ross" - manufacturer of comb lubricating rods for crane wheels.
  5. "Energo-Arsenal" is a factory of light poles and street lamps. 
  6. "EYSI ENGINEERING" - company for development and installation of industrial uninterruptible power supply systems.
  7. "ElecomService" - developer and manufacturer of microprocessor-based devices for DC and uninterruptible power supply systems.
  8. "UralAktiv - plant of polypropylene products. 
  9. "SCART - manufacturer of industrial hoovers ADS. 
  10. Sensorika Research and Production Company - a company that creates control and measuring devices and automation equipment.

The regional Ministry of Investment and Development identified the last five companies. Its list includes: 

  1. Research and Production Complex "Energy Systems and Components" - a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.
  2. Ural Civil Aviation Plant.
  3. "Medical Equipment Department" - supplier of medical equipment and consumables.
  4. MOISEIKIN jewellery house.
  5. Technopark in the electronics industry.

All these companies will participate in the International Industrial Exhibition free of charge.
Also at the stand of the Sverdlovsk region representatives of the transport and logistics centre "Uralsky" will present their site. Another industrial and logistic complex will be presented by Sima-Land, a real estate development company. 

According to forecasts, companies from China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and 60 regions of Russia will take part in INNOPROM-2023. This year the partner country of the exhibition is Belarus. 

Within the framework of INNOPROM the VII Russian-Chinese EXPO, business forums "Russia - Arab World", "Russia - Central Asia", the national industrial award "Industry" and 20 more profile events will be held.