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Business and Sverdlovsk authorities discussed the activity of investment processes in the region

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Business and Sverdlovsk authorities discussed the activity of investment processes in the region

The reduction of administrative barriers on the examples of specific investment projects was discussed by the participants of the investment committee of the Sverdlovsk region, which, on behalf of the governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev, was held on February 28 by the deputy head of the region Dmitry Ionin. The event opened the IV Forum Big Open Dialogue.

“In 2022, the Sverdlovsk Region, as a pilot, introduced the Regional Investment Standard, the main goal of which is to build comfortable conditions for the implementation of new investment projects and increase the flow of investment in the region's economy. At the moment, all elements of the regional investment standard have been introduced and are being implemented. I would like to note that an indicator of the achievement of the main goal of the investment development of the Sverdlovsk region is an increase in investment in fixed assets by 70% in 2030 compared to 2020,” Dmitry Ionin said.

Within the framework of the forum, the participants discuss issues aimed at solving the problems of the national projects "Small and Medium Enterprises", "Health", "Education", "Labor Producer", "International Cooperation and Export".

Investors noted the participation and interest of regional authorities in the implementation of projects in the Sverdlovsk region. Thus, the general director of the Turin Mining Company Oleg Zubkov said that the agreement on the protection and promotion of capital investments helped to stabilize payments for the extraction of precious metals.

“The sum of all tax payments to budgets of different levels in 2022 exceeded 1.7 billion rubles. Thanks to our project, about 150 jobs have been created in the Sverdlovsk region.The use of government investment support measures became vital for us when the coefficients that increased the mineral extraction tax appeared. Together, we have prepared and concluded a regional agreement on the protection and promotion of investment among the first in the country. The agreement made it possible to return to the original tax conditions,” Oleg Zubkov said.

Alexander Kopylov, Deputy General Director of Atomstroykompleks Corporation, spoke about the construction of a school in Yekaterinburg as part of a public-private partnership and plans to replicate this practice.

“We deliberately approached the issue of concession agreements so that our development projects would not lag behind in the creation of social infrastructure. […] Our company is considering and has already submitted applications for the creation of healthcare facilities, we are preparing to consider issues on the implementation of concession agreements in the field of sports,” said Alexander Kopylov.

Andrey Lisitsyn, Managing Director of Krasnoturinsk-Polymetal, presented a project that is being implemented in the preferential territory in Krasnoturinsk.

“The project is one of the growth points for the economy of the Northern Urals. The launch of the enterprise will provide 350 new jobs, an increase in the tax base in the future and the continuation of the implementation of social and economic partnership programs with municipalities. The projected volume of tax deductions is more than 450 million rubles a year,” Andrey Lisitsyn said.

It should be noted that within the framework of the Great Open Dialogue forum, participants will also discuss the possibility of expanding the list of organizations eligible for the investment tax deduction, creating conditions for strengthening import independence, prospects for the development of preferential territories, increasing the availability of credit resources, new approaches to attracting employees and other issues.
Also, heads of regional and federal authorities will personally advise businessmen on topical issues.

Recall that the discussion platform was created on the initiative of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuyvashev in 2020 to build effective communication between the authorities and the business community, to develop joint solutions in the new economic conditions.

Photo - Pavel Vorozhtsov