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Switching Pervouralsk to the intelligent street lighting will reduce the annual municipal expenditures by RUB 39 mln.

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Switching Pervouralsk to the intelligent  street lighting will reduce the annual municipal expenditures by RUB 39 mln.

Switching Pervouralsk to the intelligent street lighting will reduce the annual municipal expenditures by RUB 39 mln

The Pervouralsk administration and Rostelecom are ready to launch the energy service contract, under which almost nine thousand modern energy-saving lighting fixtures will be installed in the town. Replacing of the obsolete street lamps and reducing of the energy costs which, according to the experts, will account for least 70 percent, will allow the municipality to make saving in the budget and redirect about RUB 39 mln. annually for development of the urban environment.

“Implementation of the intelligent technologies into the system of housing and communal services is one of the steps in execution of the national program “Digital Economy”. This issue should be considered not only in terms of saving money and energy resources, but also from the point of view of improvement of the quality of life. And transfer of cities and towns to "smart" lighting successfully deals with the task - with the use of modern light sources our streets become safer and residents feel more comfortable on them» -stated Nikolay Smirnov, Minister of Energy, Housing and Utilities of the Sverdlovsk region

According to the Head of the Pervouralsk municipality Igor Kabets the lamps to be installed in Pervouralsk consume several times less electricity and have a much longer service life. An intelligent lighting control system provides for regulation of the lights operation pattern depending on the natural light intensity during the day under different weather conditions.

LED lamps are equipped with high-quality optics, making it possible to uniformly illuminate the inter-support space without blind spots. They turn on quickly, withstand voltage drops, frequent starts, unfavorable weather conditions and do not contain harmful chemical compounds. Efficient lighting systems will make the streets brighter and safer for pedestrians and motorists. At the same time, the new lamps operate in a spectrum that is comfortable for the human eye, and are completely silent and do not require any specific disposal procedures.

It should be pointed out that in 2017 the Government of the Sverdlovsk region and PJSC Rostelecom signed the agreement on cooperation in the field of housing and communal services. The parties confirmed their intentions to draw investments, to participate in the regional state programs, and to organize events aimed at promotion of the innovative solutions in the field of energy saving and efficiency

“The company Rostelecom has got extensive experience of implementation of the energy service projects. Similar solutions were introduced in the settlement Arti and in the town Verkhnyaya Salda. In 2019 a similar project was implemented in Kachkanar and due to this during the first year the town succeeded in reduction of the electricity consumption by more than 600 thousand kilowatts per hour» said Ivan Pichugin, director of the Ekaterinburg branch of “Rostelecom” PJSC.

The head of Ekaterinburg branch added:- “According to the agreement “Rostelecom” will provide technical maintenance of the installed equipment within seven years”.

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