Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk region

Address: B.Yeltsina str. 3 , office 517, Ekaterinburg, 620014

Phone: +7 (343) 311-52-80


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The Sverdlovsk region is a major transport and logistic hub of Russia located on the crossroads of the strategic cargo flows between Europe, Asia and the CIS countries.
  • 140 mln. tons of cargo turnover at the railways
  • 9.8 thousand km of the rail tracks
  • 67 Russian and international airline companies
  • 110 destinations

The Sverdlovsk railway is among the 3 biggest railways in Russia. In 2019 construction of “Sedelnikovo” transport and logistics center was approved. It is one of 14 strongholds of the transport and logistic system. The Region has got a developed road network interconnecting the territories, the production volume of which attributes to about 18% of the GDP.

International airport “Koltsovo” named after Akinfiy Demidov (influential Russian merchant) handles the passenger flow of 6.4 mln. persons per year. It was awarded the title of the best airport of the macroregion “Russia and CIS”, which annually deals with 27, 600 tons of cargo and postal items.

The Region can offer modern storage facilities
  • > 100 warehousing facilities
  • Square area > 1, 960 ,000 m2

Main directions of investing: creation of multimodal logistical centers; construction of warehouses, container terminals; building development of the industrial zone near the container terminals; implementation of packaging technologies, manufacture of equipment for materials handling, equipment for efficient storage and container processing.

The priority development task of the Sverdlovsk region is transformation of the Region into the biggest logistical center.


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