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ANO "IPASR" concluded 21 investment agreements in 2021

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ANO "IPASR" concluded 21 investment agreements in 2021

The fourth week of the last month of the outgoing year will start very soon. Companies and enterprises with might and main analyze their activities and sum up the results. The ANO "Agency for attracting investments of the Sverdlovsk region" (ANO "AISO") also summarizes the results and presents their results. During this year, the Agency concluded more than twenty agreements to support investment projects with a total amount of 18 billion rubles. Thanks to this, 7 thousand new jobs will appear in the Sverdlovsk region.

“This year the Agency signed 21 agreements to support investment projects. In total, at the moment, there are 47 projects under support in our Agency (the volume of investments is 41 billion rubles), which are currently being implemented. In 2021, we successfully completed 3 projects: the construction of a corrugated packaging plant in Yekaterinburg, the construction of a mechanical workshop for the production of high-pressure blowers in Artyomovsk and the construction of a new workshop - mechanical processing with modernization of modern high-precision metal-working centers of existing areas in the field of industrial hydraulics in Nizhny Tagil, but the year is not yet ended before the end of the year, we plan to complete 2 more projects ", - said Andrey Kolchanov, deputy general director for support of investment projects of ANO AISO.

The geography of our projects is not limited to Yekaterinburg, we are implementing projects in Bogdanovich, Irbistky MO, Asbest, Nizhny Tagil, Verkhnyaya Tura, Verkhnyaya Pyshma and others. Thanks to the comprehensive support in the region, projects have emerged that deserve special attention.

For example, the Ural Medical Center (UMC) has opened a network of dialysis centers both in Yekaterinburg and in the Sverdlovsk region. This year, points appeared in Berezovsky and Nizhny Tagil. Chronic kidney disease is a serious illness, due to which patients are forced to resort to replacement therapy - hemodialysis. For Nizhny Tagil, this is the third such center, but there were no dialysis centers in Berezovsky before, and the patients had to travel to Yekaterinburg.

“We helped the UMC in finding a suitable site for a medical institution, facilitated the passage of administrative procedures so that the center could focus more on the medical component of the project. This really speeds up the implementation of the project as a whole, since some of the issues are fully or partially taken over by us - a team of specialists who accompany the project through all stages, ”commented Andrey Kolchanov.

In 2022, the opening of new dialysis centers is planned in other small towns: in Bogdanovich, Polevskoy and Sysert.

Business projects in the tourism sector were actively discussed in 2021.For example, the Administration of Sredneuralsk expressed its intention to improve the territory on which the Gagarin pioneer camp was previously located, for year-round recreation not only by beaches and water activities, but also by glamping that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Recall that the "Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk Region" helps entrepreneurs:

  • with the selection of investment sites for the implementation of projects; in obtaining government support measures;
  • in the passage of administrative procedures and approvals;
  • in the organization of training for enterprises and much more, absolutely free of charge and in the shortest possible time.
  • The work is carried out individually with each client who has contacted.

The main directions of the Agency's work are: attracting investment and promoting investment opportunities in the Sverdlovsk region in Russia and abroad; support of investment projects: from idea to launch; development of congress and exhibition activities and attraction of large-scale events to the Sverdlovsk region.